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Counterpoint, Inc. was founded in 1976 and a small number of individuals began to be served in May of that year. Initially eight people lived at 318 North 3rd Street, a former nursing home, and received day training program services in the basement of the Lincoln School. In 1977 the first Board of Directors was elected. In that same year individuals began to participate in the Special Olympics in Bozeman. In 1979 day services were moved to Front Street and finally in 1983 Counterpoint's day, vocational and administrative services were moved to 116 East Lewis Street where they remain to this day. In 1984 we built a group home at 603 East Milky Way Drive and the individuals who lived in the prior group home moved in. In January of 1991 we opened up our 9th Street Group Home for six new residents and effectively doubled the overall number of our staff. Finally, in 1993 we purchased the Vocational Center at 116 E. Lewis Street.

Today we provide a broad array of transportation, vocational, work and residential services to approximately 30 individuals in Park Country. About half of these people live in their own homes or with their families and about half live in our two group homes. Counterpoint employs about 45 staff members to support the people we work for.

Our services are tailored to the specific needs and desires of each of our clients. Each individual has an Individual Cost Plan which he or she uses to purchase services from Counterpoint. Every person designs a Personal Support Plan which identifies the supports and services that Counterpoint will provide to them.

Our mission is to nurture personal growth and support meaningful lives for adults with disabilities.


President: Scott McMillion

Vice President: Dick Murphy

Secretary: Tom Baskett

Lee Freeman

Dale Sexton

Carol Lutes

Don Gimbel

Frank Wombacher


Executive Director: Dave Eaton

Resident Coordinator: Jennifer Scriver

Vocational Director: Twila Marchetti

Administrative Manager: Judy Gregory


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