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Pre-Vocational and Day Services

Approximately 20 individuals receive services at our vocational center. These people have a choice of engaging in various pre-vocational activities which may help prepare them to obtain a job in the community. Individuals also can choose to participate in social, leisure and skill building activities.


Employment Services

Counterpoint provides both short and long term employment services for adults in Developmental Disability and Vocational Rehabilitation Services.

Individual placement is achieved by locating jobs in integrated community work environments into which employees are directly hired.

The focus of the service is to provide the assistance, training and support necessary to maintain employment.

Services offered include, though are not limited to: Vocational assessment, team-oriented goal planning, resume preparation assistance, employment coordination, job placement, income reporting procedures, transportation, vocational consultation, and developing working relationships on the job.


Group Home Services

Counterpoint operates two group homes where people live who need daily support.

Residents benefit from:

  • Safe, clean homes with good food, private rooms, and a family like atmosphere.

  • Health monitoring, scheduling and transportation to medical appointments.

  • Individualized assistance with medications.

  • Individualized assistance with finances.

  • Assistance in eligibility determination and maintenance of state and federal benefits.

  • Individualized plans for training and education to develop skills and expand life experiences.

  • Supports and opportunities to participate in community events and activities.

  • Networking to access any service that a person needs or wants to reach a personal goal.


Supported Living Services

Counterpoint provides services to individuals who live in their own homes. Individuals receiving supported living services require less supervision and assistance than those living in group homes, or have other supports in place.

These people benefit from:

  • Assistance, as needed, in maintaining a safe, clean home.

  • Assistance, as needed, in planning, preparation and purchasing of healthy meals.

  • Assistance, as needed, with finances.

  • Assistance with eligibility determination and maintenance of state and federal benefits.

  • Transportation to medical appointments and to other services as necessary.

  • Training and education as desired to reach personal goals.

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Counterpoint provides transportation services as needed to clients in both our Vocational and Residential Programs. Typical destinations include medical appointments, stores, places of leisure, recreational areas, work sites, restaurants, etc.




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